Please do your part

The posted speed limit for Nine Mile Ranch is 20 mph. Speeds over this level contribute to excess wear and tear on the roads which leads to increased costs of maintenance with YOUR money/dues. Please protect our communal investments and keep your speed 20 mph or lower on all ranch roads. Thank you.


Summer months  August - early October /Fall

Controls:   By Hand.  For small stands.   Snip flower heads and securely bag (don’t burn).

Remainder of plant can go to burn pile for “snow on the ground burn”  - ref. DNR website/burn.

By Spray. By Owner / hiring Weed Spraying Contractor.     Ref to Okanogan Weeds Board website - Machelle Hawkins is our area rep. and will return your call.

Identify Lot with painted metal numbers in driveway entrance.

Mark stands of areas to be sprayed with colored tape.


Community Clean Up

If you have not been to your Nine Mile property this year we have had a wet spring. The grass and weeds are tall. This can lead to a potential fire hazard this summer.

A suggestion is to think about clearing those fire hazards from your structures before the summer heat.

Community Events


Christmas Wreath (bouquet style) for Division 7 & 8 Entrance Gate Posts will be made from 9 Mile Ranch flora.  Any interested owners are invited to come and help.   (All other supplies have been donated).

The previously planned bonfire lighting with sausage roast was cancelled due to short notice of fire bans by the Dept. of Ecology.

HOWEVER – a new idea has surfaced to follow the above event.

An informal “no host”  MEET & GREET held at The Pastime Tavern, 1307 Main Street, Oroville.  12:30 – 2pm for all 9 Mile Ranch Owners.  

(Perhaps these will become annual events.)

WINTER - SPRING 2023 – 1st Saturday monthly

Division 7 & 8 Entrance Improvements will continue :     

FUN FIELD DAY TRIPS - Contact the organizers if interested in accompany them on a Saturday.

Molson Museum when open.  We are looking for section of old 9 Mile Circle Rail for use at the Division 7&8 Entrance as base for letterboxes.  (Doing away with individual posts).

Financial Donations will be sought if needed.  Please ask friends in the 9 Mile Circle area IF their Lot may have any of this, even if embedded in the earth – we will happily dig it out and replace earth.

TWISP AREA – to check out some nifty fencing for our Entrance.   Car/Truck Pool and meet other owners.   We will visit the new Twisp Coffee Roasters for the most delicious coffee ever consumed!!

New Entrance Sign – installation.  Start of Rock Garden collection and formation.

Fencing options discussions/selection.   Post Box area improvements.   Ideas are welcome.

Other improvements include Division roadsides – may include tree/scrub trimming ?elimination; ditch clearance – per Roads Manager guidance.  Lot Owners must be present to receive help from other Owners.   Corner cutting drivers are especially asked to attend – to fix the problems caused by your time shaving driving, before water runoff causes even more road damage!!

CONTACT –   Co-coordinators for Div 7&8 Entrance Improvements.    

Contact the above if you are not receiving emailed updates.  Remember Division 7&8 Owners own these Entrance improvements (but not the land).   The new Sign, with solar lighting we hope – has been donated.  This is a volunteer project and we have enjoyed working with those who have helped. 

If you would like to post a Community Notice please email your request to: