Okanogan County will be transitioning from a Burn Restriction to a full County Wide Burn Ban, prohibiting all outdoor burning including campfires, this Friday, August 4, 2023 at 12:01 AM (midnight).

For more information visit Okanogan County Emergency Management Website at: http://www.okanogancounty.org/government/emergency_management/index.php

Please do your part

The posted speed limit for Nine Mile Ranch is 20 mph. Speeds over this level contribute to excess wear and tear on the roads which leads to increased costs of maintenance with YOUR money/dues. Please protect our communal investments and keep your speed 20 mph or lower on all ranch roads. Thank you.



DISCUSSION POINTS from 9 Mile Ranch Owners were discussed with the US Forest Service (USFS) Grazing Lease Administrator, on Friday 30th September, 2022 at 1PM - USFS office in Tonasket.

Raymond “Ray” Dagnon also attended.  Ray is the grazing permittee of the Colville National Forest.

The issue of cattle grazing in the National Forest and the fencing that restrains the cattle is not an issue for which the HOA has authority -

  • The rancher has the responsibility to round up stray cattle and return them to the Forest, but he does not have legal authority to use private 9 Mile Ranch roads or to enter private property
  • As good stewards of our land, we should allow access to permit rounding up of stray cattle before damage is done
  • While private property owners have no legal responsibility, we do have a responsibility as stewards of our own property – land and assets

Good stewardship would also include:

  • Routinely inspecting the boundary fence between your property and the Forest, especially after winter or wind storms during which branches break and trees fall on the fence
  • Making minor repairs to the fence. A minor would be a repair within the capability of the owner
  • Reporting to the rancher any damage beyond the repair capability of the owner.
  • Notifying the rancher of any stray cattle. (It is the rancher’s responsibility to perform the roundup and relocation.)                                            


  • Padlocks have been installed by some Lot Owners on gates in the boundary fence
  • Gates must be left unlocked to allow the rancher to return stray cattle
  • Fences and Gates are the property of the US Forest Service (except for some portions of Division 8) and should not be altered
  • Gates must be left closed

Leasing Rancher –
Raymond “Ray” Dagnon  Ph: (509) 476-2356                                                             

USFS Grazing Lease Administrator –
Joshua Read   email – Joshua.read@usda.gov

Other Miscellaneous Items –

No garbage should be left in the Colville National Forest

Motorized Vehicles used in the Colville Forest must be registered and stay on designated roads – ref: MVU Map  - US Forest Service


If you would like to post a Community Notice please email your request to: BOD@9mileranchhoa.org